Top Hollywood Summer Movie Blockbusters of 2013


Labor Day has come and gone. That means summer is over and it is time to look back at what Hollywood had to offer movie fans this season. The US summer box office is typically dominated by big budget films. This year, there were superheroes, aliens, a few scary and funny monsters, and plenty of awesome special effects. But this year, some of the bets did not make it to the top and there were many busts and flops. Let’s take a look at those who did not make it before we present the Hollywood summer blockbusters of 2013.

Apocalyptic domestic openings


The highly publicized “Pacific Rim” that cost $190 million to make made $37 million on its opening day at number three. That’s definitely not what the producers hoped. Will Smith’s $130 million summer blockbuster, “After Earth” opened at number three as well and made $27 million on its opening weekend. This was way below expectations. Another Sony release, “White House Down,” a $150 million movie from the director of sci-fi icon, “Independence Day” debuted at $24 million and it did not get better. “The Lone Ranger,” the latest Johnny Depp starrer from Disney made $29 million on its extended opening weekend. That’s measly, compared to Disney’s or Depp’s previous successes.

The top-grossers

While some studios are not getting projected earnings after shelling out huge sums to make and market their big budget movies, others are more than happy with their ticket sales. Here are the movies that made it to the summer US blockbuster list:

1. Iron Man 3 ($408.8 million)
2. Despicable Me 2 ($355.7 million)
3. Man of Steel ($290.3 million)
4. Monsters University ($263.5 million)
5. Fast and Furious 6 ($238.7 million)
6. Star Trek Into Darkness ($228.3 million
7. World War Z ($200.3 million)
8. The Heat ($157.4 million)
9. The Great Gatsby ($144.8 million)
10. The Conjuring ($134.2 million)

Can’t get enough of superheroes

Most of the movies on the list are sequels and established movie franchises. The third “Ironman” movie is this year’s summer number one. Its total gross earnings have gone beyond a billion dollars. Robert Downey, Jr.’s anti-hero character has propelled him and the superhero genre into levels of popularity that has surpassed previous records. “Man of Steel,” the newest Superman movie is at number three, and this only shows that though Marvel and DC are in fierce competition, superhero movie fans do not necessarily patronize one and boycott the other. Henry Cavill, the new Clark Kent may be a newcomer, but the movie raked in a respectable $290.3 million.

A new generation of full-length animation

With Despicable Me 2 securing second place and Monsters University at fourth place, it is clear that full-length animated movies are now in equal footing with movies featuring living breathing actors. There’s talk of a third installments for both movies, and given the warm response, the producers are probably already thinking on it.

At number 5 is Fast and Furious 6 which pocketed a hefty $238.7 million. Every Fast and Furious movie has been a hit. What makes a movie about street racing so addictive to fans that after five movies, they still need to see a sixth? The flops and busts might learn a lesson or two from this franchise.


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