George Clooney goes for a coffee and supports a good cause

George Clooney goes for a coffee and supports a good cause

Actor George Clooney made a special stop at an Edinburgh coffee shop this past Thursday.

Social Bite Café, a Scottish business that helps homeless people, received the visit the 54-year old actor, who reportedly had a coffee and a platter of sandwich samples. He handed over a £5 bill to the cashier, and left a hefty tip of $1,000, to support the cause.

The Hollywood star was invited to the café by Josh Littlejohn, co-founder of the project. Littlejohn is also the founder of the Scottish Business Awards, an entrepreneurship festival in which Mr. Clooney was a guest speaker this year.

The coffee shop destines 100% of their profits to charitable causes. It also provides employment to formerly homeless people.  Their motto is “Good food for a good cause”.

Their “Suspended Coffee and Food” program allows people to pay in advance for any item in the menu. Then, any homeless person can approach the restaurant and claim their beverage or food.

According to Littlejohn, their biggest wish is to continue growing so that they can provide millions of pounds of food to charities and to give employment to hundreds of people that had formerly lived on the streets.

Currently, Social Bite Café has 5 locations and supports causes in Scotland, Bangladesh, Malawi, and Zambia, to fight poverty, homelessness, and lack of opportunities.

If you want to donate a cup of coffee, a bowl of soup, or a sandwich to a homeless person through Social Bite, visit https://www.justgiving.com/social-bite/

Image credit: Social bite

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