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The New Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek: Bringing Art into our Homes

The New Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek: Bringing Art into our Homes

Germany’s cultural and historical heritage is taking a new and innovative form: It is going digital. The Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek (DDB) or German Digital Library is set to offer unrestricted access to Germany’s millions of books, images, sculptures, pieces of music, and more from all over the country.

This project encompasses the support from the German government, its federal states and the local authorities. The webpage has been running as a beta version since November 2012, and it is being progressively improved and developed.

With the firm belief that the project will lead to the connectivity and competitiveness of the country in areas such as science, research and education, Germany has undertaken this colossal project for the benefit of us all. In the words of the Chairman of the Board of DDB, Professor Hermann Parzinger:

Our aim with this new Internet platform is to make it possible for the user to experience the world of culture and science online in a way that is as in-depth as it is exciting. Whether libraries, archives, cinematheques, museums, all kinds of historical monuments or scientific institutions, they will all be able to obtain information from their desired area of interest fast“.

In our highly networked world, the DDB will help researchers of any kind find content easier. The DDB’s major advantage is that its material has been selected thoroughly to ensure the best quality. Moreover, the authenticity of content will be confirmed by the seal of approval of German cultural and scientific institutions.

On the other hand, for those of us interested in art and culture, the DDB will be a free pass into every museum in Germany and a trip back in time through millions of works of art displayed online.

To get a look into it yourself, watch the video at Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek’s website.


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