Knock Knock: Live TV Show Gives a Family a Double Surprise

Knock Knock: Live TV Show Gives a Family a Double Surprise

During the debut of Knock Knock: Live, a TV show hosted by Ryan Seacrest, a family in California was given a double surprise when special guest, David Beckham personally knocked on their door to deliver some gifts.

Knock Knock: Live is an unscripted reality TV show that debuted last Tuesday. It is a show that enlists the help of celebrities, neighbors, friends and families to grant wishes to deserving people with a knock on the door.

During the show’s debut show, former soccer superstar David Beckham surprised a family in California with the gift of a check worth $100,000 and seven cellphones with pre-paid plans for 10 years.

The surprised and very happy family was headed by Victor Gonzalez. He was a former Mexican professional soccer player who had to give up his game and migrate to the United States to support his family. He now works for a construction company and due to his work only manages to see his family about once a month.

Good Samaritan format

The show’s format involves surprising a family in the U.S. with a knock on the door, where a live camera crew and a representative from the show delivers whatever prize or gifts the family is bound to receive. But for the show’s kick-off, David Beckham became the show’s representative, bringing a check for $100,000 to the Gonzalez’ residence plus other gifts.

It was towards the end of the show when Ryan Seacrest announced that Beckham was on his way to the see the Gonzales family. Seacrest stated that Beckham wanted to honor a hardworking family just like his own. Beckham came from a working class family, Seacrest revealed.

Victor Gonzalez’ wife, Claudia was the one who opened the door and recognizing the soccer icon, she screamed so loud while ushering their famous guest in. Beckham first gave them the prepaid phones before announcing that they do not have to worry about bills for 10 years before handing over the check.

The soccer star was later captured on camera kicking a soccer ball with family members. He said that it was a great feeling to be able to help change somebody’s life, seeing how that check meant to the family.

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