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The Wave of the Future: 20-Second Battery Charging

The Wave of the Future: 20-Second Battery Charging
Bernadine Racoma

A young 18-year old girl was given the Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award for inventing a supercapacitor that can eventually charge a smarthphone for only about 20 seconds. Eesha Khare was awarded $50,000 for coming up with a 20-second battery charging – an innovative gadget that will affect a huge change in the mobile industry.

According to Khare, her inspiration for creating the said device is due to the frustrating perennial issue of her mobile phone battery dying on her all the time. Khare is very much attuned to the field of nanochemistry and she has chosen to specialize in this area in order to create a noteworthy advancement.

Fast and loaded

Khare’s supercapacitor is reportedly able to charge a mobile phone battery for only 20 seconds while holding enormous amounts of power. According to Khare, even though the initial testing was only conducted through the use of LED lights, she envisions her creation as the next big thing in mobile phone advancement. Khare also added that the device can be placed inside any smartphone or tablet. The device is said to last for almost 10,000 charge cycles. This is ten times higher than the current mobile phone chargers which only last for about 1,000 re-charge cycles.

Charging would eventually take a much shorter time, and there would no longer be any reason to look for charging stations. It could also be used on various roll-up displays and even on fabrics. Even at this stage, the uses and applications of Khare’s invention is virtually limitless.

Eyeing the next generation inventor

Technological developments have always been the main focus of huge companies in order to raise their product value. Superchargers have already been invented but none of what exists comes close to what Khare has developed.

With Eesha Khare’s revolutionary discovery, a lot of technological companies are starting to take measures in order to put her in their ranks. With her one-of-a-kind invention, the 18-year old inventor has already caught the eyes and ears of Google.

The use of chargers in the military

The U.S. Army has just issued its latest portable charger designed to ensure a sufficient power supply to soldiers in the field. This recent development is very critical to military operations since the average soldier carries with him not only ammunition or food supply but also electronic gadgets used for modern warfare.

According to Dave Schimmel, the project manager of this creation called the UBC, combat related environments are always in dire need of a sufficient and reliable power supply. He also added that portable power is a requirement especially with the gadgets and equipments soldiers are fitted with so that they may have what they need in the battlefield.

Universal Battery Charger

UBC stands for Universal Battery Charger. This piece of charging equipment is said to be able to charge 2 USB devices and eight different kinds of batteries all at the same time. According to Marc Gietter, CERDEC Command, Power and Integration Directorate engineer, the UBC is a multi-purpose battery charger that is created to keep up the today’s technological advancements. He also added that the UBC is a perfect fit to soldiers since they use USB components to stay connected with the use of smartphones.

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