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How Android Pay Celebrated May the Fourth – Star Wars Day
How Android Pay Celebrated May the Fourth – Star Wars Day
Bernadine Racoma

The mobile purchasing app of Google, Android Pay, added fun to its payment app to celebrate May 4, which is recognized as Star Wars Day. Each time an Android Pay user makes a successful payment transaction, he or she is rewarded with a fun animated dance of its Android mascot, complete with a Star Wars-inspired costume.

Android Pay users had fun trying to spot the usually green Android mascot in a surprise costume. It’s a great way to pay tribute to Star Wars and a fun way of encouraging Google’s mobile purchasing app users to have a bit of intergalactic shopping experience.

Bugdroid in Star Wars

Google has turned the usual green Android mascot, called Bugdroid, into a cross-dressing bot. After each successful purchase using Android Pay, Bugdroid appears. It’s a surprise appearance, with the bot dancing, dressed in one of its seven Star Wars character versions.

The appearances are random, so users happily anticipate which one will appear. There’s a Jedi Knight, Stormtrooper and R2-D2. Some users said they got Darth Vader. R2-D2 was the most popular and sought-after character to appear, thus Android Pay users eagerly used the app for their purchases just to see the cute bot dancing, jiggling and shimmying.

Limited offer on Android Pay

The appearance of the Bugdroid in costume was for a limited time only and ended after a week. Those who do not use Android Pay had a chance to see Bugdroid on its official Twitter account.

It was not the only thing that Google offered to celebrate Star Wars Day, though. Users of the mobile purchasing app were able to avail of a $40 discount for six Star Wars movies from the Google Play Store. Android Pay users were able to get the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy for only $80. Users were also treated to discounts on comic books and games related to Star Wars from the other Google Play Store sections.

May the 4th Be with You!

It was not only Google and Android Pay that utilized the Star Wars theme for sales promotion on the revered day of Star Wars fans. But Google has been known for creating these “easter eggs” for stuff they developed. With the familiar green Bugdroid in different Star Wars costumes, the company injected more fun into a short-period sales gimmick.

Google was able to inject enjoyment and encourage/promote the use of its payment app. At the same time, the company treated Star Wars fans and possibly a lot of non-Star Wars fans to something cool.

It pushed users to increase their usage of the app, just so they can be surprised by what character will come into their smartphone screens. Who wouldn’t want to see a cute spring-green little bot having fun while cross-dressing?

The downside was that it was only available to those who use Android Pay and the animation only run on a compatible device. Hopefully next year, Google’s strategy will be more inclusive!

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