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Leaks and Rumors Before the Release of OnePlus 5 This Summer
Leaks and Rumors Before the Release of OnePlus 5 This Summer
Bernadine Racoma

When it comes to gadgets, techies usually anticipate the release of rumors and leaks. And the OnePlus 5 is no different. It’s become part of the fun when a new electronic gadget (or even new video games) is about to be released. The rumors and leaks can either make them anxious to get their hands first on the item or tamp down their enthusiasm a bit because the gadget will not live up to their expectations.

One of the newest smartphone manufacturers from China has been making waves since it came out with OnePlus One. Models OnePlus3 and OnePlus 3T were highly regarded for their very high specs and affordable price. Now it is once again making people agog with OnePlus 5, the successor to OnePlus 3T. It seems the company skipped the number 4, as it’s an unlucky number for the Chinese.

The rumors and leaks about OnePlus 5

The new leaked photos of OnePlus 5, if those are the actual photos of the smartphone, showed that it would have dual-lens camera. The company, OnePlus already dropped hints of the phone’s arrival with a teaser saying, “Hello 5.”

A Chinese social media site has shown images of the mobile phone. One image showed the phone charging using a USB Type-C and the phone’s back view, showing the dual camera module. Those who have seen the images say that if this is the actual OnePlus 5 model, it confirms the rumors that it will retain the design of OnePlus 3 and 3T. The only difference outside will be the dual camera module.

Techies are pointing out that the dual camera on OnePlus 5 will have two different lens setups. They believe that it will be like the Apple iPhone 7 Plus camera setup although the functions of each lens are not yet revealed.

It will be 0.1 inch thinner than OnePlus 3T and will still have a 5.5-inch screen. However, its resolution will have an upgrade – from the 1,080p of its predecessor to Quad HD, giving it a screen resolution of 2,560 x 1,440. It already has a huge RAM but it does not stop there. Its internal storage is rumored to be 64GB, and will have a 4,000 mAh dash charge battery, outranking Samsung Galaxy S8+ (3,500 mAh) and iPhone 7 Plus (2,900 mAh).

According to rumors, it will have dual nano SIM card slots and owners can expand their storage up to 128GB. Earlier leaks mentioned that it would have a 16-megapixel selfie camera on the front and a 23-megapixel camera at the back. There was also mention of a 3.5mm headphone jack but it also said that it would have mono speakers.

From the looks of it, OnePlus 5 will not be a waterproof phone, a feature that many anticipated it would be.

What’s learned so far

From what has been leaked so far, OnePlus 5’s processor will feature Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 octa-core 64-bit and Graphics by Adreno 540. RAM is said to be 6GB although some are thinking that it is likely that the phone will have 8GB of RAM. With that, it is expected that the new smartphone’s performance will be quick and smooth. It will run on Android 7.1.1 Nougat and Oxygen OS interface. It will retain its premium all-metal design.

One of the major selling points of most smartphones today is their camera. OnePlus 5 is said to harness the photography expertise of DxO. It is an honored benchmark system for smartphone cameras.

Gauging from the leaked photos, which only show the back of the smartphone, techies believe that the fingerprint scanner is not placed at the device’s back, so they are thinking that it will be in front of the phone. They made a note of the larger space between the alert slider and the volume rocker, though.

What can consumers expect? It’s rumored that OnePlus 5 will hit the market sometime in June or July 2017. It’s speculated that it would sell at around $450 to $500, based on its higher specifications, as the current price of OnePlus 3T is about $440. Others think that the price can go as high as $650.

These are still all rumors and speculations, and the actual phone might be different. But consumers can expect something outstanding from this year’s flagship model from OnePlus.

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