“Gentleman” by PSY: Follow-Up Single to Gangnam Style Online is Released

“Gentleman” by PSY: Follow-Up Single to Gangnam Style Online is Released
Bernadine Racoma

The electronic dance track, “Gentleman” by PSY has just been released in 119 countries. And predictably, PSY is now again a scene stealer, this time, temporarily diffusing the highly tense situation in the Korean peninsula. “Gentleman” is about a self-proclaimed gentleman who is having a great time at a dance club. PSY has already released a one-minute video message and demonstrated a bit of a potential dance craze.

“Gangnam Style” debuted in YouTube in July 2012 and it is now the most watched YouTube video of all time with 1.5 billion views (and still counting).


People have forgotten the North Korean missile threat for a while and online searches is topped by “Gentleman,” what else? The song was scheduled for a global debut on the midnight of April 12, but after its first appearance in New Zealand and Australia, PSY’s record company, Universal, blocked the song online. The time difference allows fans from there to access the song first and of course they immediately uploaded it on the Internet. To get back on the original release schedule, the record company blocked the stream until the time is right.

Global phenomenon

South Korean rapper PSY’s “Gangnam Style” was a tremendous hit. It was his first global super single and fans have been waiting for the next big thing from the world-famous act for a long while. Fans have been wondering when and what the next dance phenomenon would be and it is finally out. The lyrics for his second offering were written by PSY himself.

PSY has been in the music scene in Korea for about a decade but the world only learned about him when Gangnam Style became a YouTube sensation.

Fan response

Twitter users were very quick at expressing their views about “Gentleman.” And most of them like having a new great dance song on their heads. However, some people say it’s just not up to the level of “Gangnam Style.” The bit of dance that he demonstrated in the video message does not involve an invisible horse, but instead some invisible ball kicking and bowl carrying moves.

Live stream coming up

The music video for “Gentleman” will be released on Sunday. PSY will perform at the World Cup Stadium in Seoul, South Korea for an audience of around 50,000. The whole world can view the video from YouTube live at around 11:30 am BST. According to PSY, his new single is paired with another catchy choreography which the world does not know about just yet. But he says Koreans know the dance already because it is based on traditional Korean culture.

Fans only have to wait a few more days to see the live stream of the concert performance where “Gentleman” will debut. It remains to be seen whether “Gangnam Style” will indeed by a one-hit wonder as some have predicted or if “Gentleman” will be another record breaker for the South Korean pop star and if the dance will inspire flash mobs and online parodies as well.

Video by: Laika BAUS

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