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It’s National Eat What You Want Day – So Don’t Hold Back!

It’s National Eat What You Want Day – So Don’t Hold Back!
Christina Comben

Did you stop yourself from getting the extra cream on your cappuccino this morning? Or find yourself purchasing a snackbar instead of a donut? That’s probably because no one told you that it’s National Eat What You Want Day. This may be a lesser-known celebration in the calendar, but National Eat What You Want Day has got its own hashtag trending on Twitter! So, if you’ve been looking for an excuse to dive into the cookie jar, you just got the all clear!

What’s The Point of National Eat What You Want Day?

Eat What You Want

Do you get a day off work to go and indulge in vats of chocolate ice cream or pepperoni-stuffed calzone? Well, no. But, you might not raise so many eyebrows if you decide to bring a little extra treat to your desk. What exactly is the point of this rather bizarre celebration? Well, it was created to highlight the ridiculousness of society’s obsession with fad diets, juice cleanses and looking like runway models.

We’re surrounded by images of men and women with perfectly ripped muscles draped over sun loungers in glossy magazines. And regularly food shamed into becoming regimented about our eating habits. But that can make life pretty miserable for some, or lead them to make erroneous choices. For example, following a gluten-free diet for someone who does not suffer from a gluten allergy doesn’t do them any good.

Juice cleanses can have a detrimental effect on our health and yo-yo diets usually cause us to put more weight on at the end. Many people even take too many vitamins without realizing that the contents of these expensive pills often gets flushed straight out in their urine. Even nutritionists generally agree that it’s good to take a break every now and then. The concept of “cheat meals” is becoming more popular to people following a lengthy health and fitness program.

Eat What You Like, You Have Permission

Some might argue that Eat What You Want Day is an irresponsible way of making a point (after all, not everyone can or should eat anything they want). For the most part though, it’s just a reminder that what’s in the inside is more important than being a size 2. Everyone deserves to let themselves go every now and again. Which is good news for those of us who started our days somewhat shakily with a blueberry muffin instead of a fruit salad.


How will you be marking the occasion and celebrating this special day? Making reservations at your favorite restaurant? Heading down to your local all-you-can-eat buffet, or simply snuggling up on the couch with a bucket of popcorn and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream? However you decide to observe National Eat What You Want Day, this is one day that deserves to be respected.

So get out there and start indulging! Everyone’s doing it… even Twitter fans.

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