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7 Surprising Uses for Vodka Beyond Martinis

7 Surprising Uses for Vodka Beyond Martinis
Christina Comben

You may associate this popular alcoholic beverage with screwdrivers and martinis. But there are many surprising uses for vodka beyond making a good cocktail. So, if you’ve never thought of putting this hard liquor to better use, take note. Here are seven surprising uses for vodka beyond martinis.

1. Treats Poison Ivy

There’s nothing worse when hiking in the wilderness than to brush against the poison ivy plant. If you find yourself top to tail in a nasty, painful rash, get the vodka out. No, this isn’t an excuse to drown your sorrows by drinking it. Pouring vodka directly onto your skin cleanses out the poisonous oils of this vicious plant.

2. And Jelly Fish Stings

Another summer hazard, those pesky little transparent stingers can sometimes be rife in the water. You may have heard tales of folk urinating on the wound to neutralize the pain. But if you want to spare yourself the indignation and repulsion, get the vodka out instead. It will rapidly calm the pain and also disinfect the area.

3. Acts As a Foot Deodorant

Feet sweating in your sneakers this summer? Now you have the perfect cure for that. Try diluting it with water and keeping it in a spray bottle to combat your stinky shoes. Just don’t go overboard, or your colleagues might think you’ve taken up daytime drinking!

4. Keeps Your Laundry Fresh

Who would have thought there were so many uses for this alcoholic beverage? Again, you don’t want to go overboard on your clothing here. But, spritzing your laundry with vodka can freshen your garments up, avoiding having to wash another load.

5. Bugs Beware!

Do you get overwhelmed by mosquitoes on balmy summer evenings? Nip those nasty little suckers in the bud by using vodka. This works best when mixed together with other insect repelling ingredients, like lavender and basil. And definitely beats breathing in the smell of OFF!

6. Vodka soothes aching muscles

Again, don’t be tempted to pick up the bottle and take a swig. That’s certain to go against your health and fitness regime. But massaging your muscles with a bag of frozen and slushy vodka can work as a miracle pain reliever.

7. Keeps your furniture clean

Got hard-to-clean stains on your couch or rug? Tried everything to shift them but they refuse to go? You guessed it; get the vodka out. Simply dab some onto a damp cloth and watch your fabrics get a new lease of life.

So, if you’ve passed up on the vodka until now because you thought it was only good for drinking; it’s time to think again! Every homemaker should be keeping a bottle in their freezer – and now you have seven excuses to do so!

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