Virgin Atlantic Brings Something New to their Regional Flights

Virgin Atlantic Brings Something New to their Regional Flights
Bernadine Racoma

Adding a little something to a passenger’s ordinary day-to-day flight contributes a lot to making a routine trip worthwhile. Recently, Virgin Atlantic publicly announced that it would host comedic acts on some of its regional flights to bring something new to regular air travel.

Taking the edge off

Everybody needs a little laugh, most especially if flying is not one of those things a traveler likes to do. Not everyone is meant to travel by air. For first timers, it could be very stressful, even nerve racking. However, for some, using the airplane as a form of transportation is routine. Boredom strikes and the default activity for them to do during flights is sleep.

Newest offer: More interesting flights

Virgin Atlantic officials came up with an idea to make their regional flights more lively and interesting. The airline company is starting to offer a variety of comedic lineups as well as live music to some of its local flights. Reports say that the domestic carrier of Virgin Atlantic known as Little Red will be the first to feature performances on its flights this August and September. Little Red offers flights from Edinburgh and Aberdeen as well as London to Manchester.

No specifics were mentioned by the airline on who the performers will be during the next few months, but a source came up with a statement from the company that the performance and live acts are also meant to pay respect to the historic and monumental music industry in Manchester and Scotland.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival was established in 1947 and became the substitute of the well known Edinburgh International Festival. The celebration is always held in the month of August to pay homage to the wonderful and colorful history of Scotland’s performing arts. This festival is also considered to be the world’s largest arts event with over 3,000 performances spanning almost a month of endless celebration. Last year, the event lasted for 25 days with at least 47 participating countries in 279 different venues.

Check Facebook and Twitter for details

Virgin Atlantic is taking part in the celebration by inviting some of the acts that are scheduled to perform in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The festival is scheduled to last until the 26th of August but the on-flight performances will last until September. The line-up of performances is yet to be finalized but once the lists have been confirmed, Virgin Atlantic is going to post the full schedule and list of performers on its Twitter and Facebook page.

Virgin Atlantic boss Sir Richard Branson proudly announced to the public this new and exciting service that the company will undertake. Branson added that the performances on Little Red would certainly make domestic travel in the United Kingdom more interesting and lively. The boss reiterated that the company is always finding ways to make air travel for their passengers more memorable and unforgettable. With the line-up of comedic performances on is domestic carrier Little Red, passengers are sure to have an experience they would never forget.

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