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Twitter Redesign And How It’s Being Received

Twitter Redesign And How It’s Being Received
Camilo Atkinson

On June 15th, Twitter rolled out a major redesign. The first in years for its mobile apps and desktop version, and it’s still gaining momentum. So far these new changes have caused mixed reactions. Some people love Twitter’s redesign, others are neutral and don’t really care as long as they can still use it, and others still are unhappy about the changes.

In reality, the “new” Twitter is not very different from its former version. The update involves a series of little tweaks to its icons, the site’s typography, and the user experience overall.

What Was Changed in The Twitter Design?

Did you notice that the quill on the Tweet button has disappeared? Twitter’s main reason to remove the quill from the “tweet” button, was that a quill’s association with writing is mostly adopted by western cultures.

The reply button is now a speech bubble. The old curved arrow looked like an ‘undo” button. Profile pictures are now round, not square — Sorry Minecraft. Typography is different and headlines are now bolder.

We still can’t edit Tweets.

Retweets and like counters update in real time. This will allow you to monitor the like count on viral tweets without having to refresh your browser every two seconds.

Some People Love it, Others Don’t

Not everyone appreciated the adjustments, and some users were quick to mock the new look of Twitter.

New Twitter Design

Some brands were even affected by these changes.

Twitter Design 2

Also, a user pointed out that the news profile image view took away Donald Trump’s iconic hair from view.

Twitter Design 3

Twitter says they will be listening to user’s feedback and that they will possibly roll out some more changes in the coming days and weeks.

How do you like the new Twitter? Are there any particular updates that you love or hate? Let us know in the comments below!

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