Neil Diamond Donates Week’s Sales of ‘Sweet Caroline’ to Boston Marathon Bombing Victims

Neil Diamond Donates Week’s Sales of ‘Sweet Caroline’ to Boston Marathon Bombing Victims
Bernadine Racoma

In one of his current interviews, singer-songwriter and Hall of Famer Neil Diamond expressed his profound and heartfelt gratitude to music fans worldwide. Diamond is thankful that his single “Sweet Caroline” rose to new heights and earned quite a handful as well just within the past week.

According to Diamond, the week’s proceeds of his single will be donated to the Boston Marathon bombing victims. The donation is said to be handled by “One Fund’ which is a non-profit organization specifically established to help raise funds for the victims of the two explosions that marred the annual sporting event.

What is “Sweet Caroline” all about?

“Sweet Caroline” is a song performed and written by Neil Diamond and was first released in September of 1969. The song has no direct connection to Boston or the world famous Red Sox but somehow for the past 10 years it has been played during every home game the Red Sox ever had. It is actually considered the team’s anthem.

Neil Diamond, in one of his interviews, clarified the meaning and inspiration on which the song was solely based. According to him, the song was made for young Caroline Kennedy who was an adolescent when he wrote it. In 2007, Diamond sang the same song to Caroline Kennedy on her 50th birthday.

The April 15 Boston Marathon bombing

The whole world was horrified when two bombs exploded, injuring hundreds and killing three people just after the first finalists finished in the Boston Marathon held last April 15, 2013. The twin explosions caused distress and panic among the crowd and many people fled the area cutting short should have been a celebration.

Spectators and witnesses described the sound that they heard as something similar to the sound of an exploding cannon. Barricades were shattered. Glass windows were shattered, and a cloud of smoke was literally covering ground zero.

Nearby hospitals reported responded to treat the injured, some of whom were children that got caught up in the tragic event. Most of the casualties had lost limbs and/or incurred critical injuries.

Outpouring of Support

Help for the victims of the bombings has been coming in from private individuals and organizations as well as from crowdfunding efforts of relatives, friends, and even total strangers. Diamond’s generosity is just the latest show of solidarity to the people of Boston. Last Saturday, the singer was present at the game at Fenway Park and led whole stadium in the singing of “Sweet Caroline.”


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