Guide to Cyber Monday Deals for Holiday Shopping Success

Guide to Cyber Monday Deals for Holiday Shopping Success

With Black Friday in the rear view, it is time for Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday amps up holiday shopping, and online deals are everywhere. How can you get the most out of your holiday shopping budget? Where are the best Cyber Monday deals? Let’s dive deep into the discount Monday Matrix.

Cyber Monday has become very popular, and 56 percent of Americans are going to take advantage of today. This is up from 36 percent of online shoppers last year. In fact, research suggests that the average spend this Cyber Monday will be $205 per consumer. That is up by 58 percent from last year’s $130 price tag per person.

To get the most out of your online shopping spree today, here are a few excellent Cyber Monday tips to score the best deals.

Are You Checking Brands on Social Media Today? You Definitely Should

If you want to find the best deals this Cyber Monday, you should get social this morning. There will be last-minute deals posted on big brand social media accounts today.

The need to be unique and stay ahead of consumers is leading brands to be slightly secretive about today’s discounts and promotions. They don’t want customers anticipating, because today still does live in Black Friday’s shopping shadow. This makes social media perfect for releasing spur of the moment deals.

For instance, Walmart will be live streaming Cyber Monday on its site from nine this morning till two this afternoon. Here customers will get gift ideas and demos via Walmart executives. Deals are also going to be site-wide, rather than on certain products.

Get Ready for Site-Wide Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday is all about specific product deals that consumers are wiling to wait all night in front of stores for. On the other side of the spectrum, Cyber Monday is all about site-wide deals.

This is due to the need for brands to move as much product as possible. Like a fire sale, today will serve up some serious discounts on a lot of different products, ranging from kids toys to electronics.

For example, Target will have 15 percent off everything on their site. That is huge, and will definitely spark some impulse holiday shopping. If your holiday gift list has as much variety as Santa’s, today is your day to get the most done.

Don’t Forget About Next Year’s Vacation Travel

This is a Cyber Monday hack that many consumers don’t know about. Today is a great day to take advantage of travel deals. After Black Friday, travel sites will be serving up their best deals of the year.

You may be able to book next year’s vacation for a fraction of the price. For example, will be marking down travel packages by as much as 50 percent. Flights to Europe from the U.S. will be around $200, and Asia flights can be found for only $500 round trip.

Cyber Monday is possibly the best day to get your holiday shopping wrapped up. The best part is that there are no lines, no potential for serious injury in a mad store-wide stampede, and you can even purchase everything via mobile. Do you know of any big holiday shopping deals today?

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