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Everyone’s Talking About Lego Tape

Everyone’s Talking About Lego Tape
Christina Comben

Just when you thought the world’s most popular building blocks couldn’t get any better, Nimuno went ahead and created Lego tape. This ingenious invention is certain to bring a lump to the throat of excited children and grownup nerds around the globe.

What does Lego Tape do?

Although not an official Lego product yet, Lego tape is compatible with Lego building blocks and is an adhesive tape. Flat and sticky on one side, it has raised Lego-sized bumps on the other. This break-through innovation allows people to convert any surface into a Lego compatible surface! You can build constructions on your wall, on top of toys, or even on your own body!

Check out this awesome video of Lego tape in action:

So, if you were pretty awestruck by Lego’s tribute to the women of NASA, Michael Jackson and Star Wars, Lego tape is sure to leave you weak at the knees.

The next phase of Lego

Nimuno Loops is the company responsible for bringing Lego tape to market, and it is pretty darn cool. Not only can you stick Lego tape onto just about any surface and start your masterpiece, but the adhesive tape also bends and curves, to create a water-like effect. You can cut it down as you need, and make it any size. It’s 100% Lego friendly and takes Lego to a whole new dimension, letting you build sideways!

You can construct your next creation on your wall, wallpaper your bedroom, or create the most awesome playroom ever for your kids. Let them stick Lego tape onto their toys to bring them a new lease of life. How much does it cost? $11 for two rolls, at 6.5-foot each. Not bad and certainly an affordable price for unlimited creation.

About Nimuno Loops

Nimuno Loops’ hails from South Africa and its Cape Town creators Max Basler and Anine Kirsten have managed to raise most of their funding on Indiegogo. Incidentally, their project was so popular that it made around 5,812 percent of their original $8,000 target! The South African duo are on a mission to make the world a more beautiful and creative place with their inventions.

There were over 13,000 backers on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, presumably in agreement that more Lego in the world can serve to beautify it. Get hold of Lego tape on Indiegogo here. Why? Because it doesn’t get much better than this!

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