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5 Top Money Apps You Don’t Want to be Without

5 Top Money Apps You Don’t Want to be Without

Most people these days are addicted to their smartphones. In a society constantly on the move, where we’re increasingly used to having an uninterrupted stream of information at our fingertips, smartphones have become so much more than mere communication devices. These clever little gadgets give us instant access to the world in the palm of our hands.

We reply upon smartphones to organize our days, order take out, listen to music, play games, book appointments, read the news, keep in touch with our friends, and check our mail. But have you considered ways to put your smartphone to better use? How about managing your personal finances instead of playing Candy Crush? Check out the following 5 top money apps you won’t know how you lived without:

1. Mint

Mint is an outstanding all-round financial app that’s feature-packed and helps you track your expenditure and create a budget, sending regular updates on both. This cool little app connects directly to your bank account through its secure online server, keeping track of your spending and categorizing the transactions you’ve made; which gives you invaluable insights into your financial habits. Mint lets you add notifications when your bills are close to being due, ensuring that you never get penalized for a late payment again. Truly awesome.

2. PayPal

You’re probably used to using PayPal online, but now there’s a great app for the world’s easiest way of sending money globally as well. The PayPal app allows you to check your balance and transactions from your smartphone, send and receive funds, and pay for some types of services, depending on your location. This great money app is safe, secure and easy to use and you’re certain to find it useful.

3. Saved Plus 

Most people are pretty good at spending money, but for the rest of us who have a tough time stashing some away for a rainy day, Saved Plus could be the answer. By connecting to your bank account, you can transfer fixed percentages of your income directly to your savings account every month, without you having to do a thing. So if you set your monthly saving percentage at 10% and spend $2000, Saved Plus will automatically transfer $200 into your savings accounts. Pretty smart, hey?

4. Dollarbird 

Dollarbird provides a simple way to track your spending. This sophisticated app is good-looking and easy to use, and allows you to check everything you’ve bought, organizing transactions by date, so that it’s easy to keep tabs on your spending. The color graphs and charts provide nice visuals and you can even set up recurring transactions and payment reminders, as well as long-term projections and saving goals for your finances.

5. Level Money 

Last but not least, of all the financial management apps listed here, Level Money is probably the easiest to use. So if you’re the kind of person likes simplicity, this one’s for you. Level Money allows you to check your finances with a single glance and shows all your latest transactions in one place. You can also come up with a savings plan and easily analyze your current financial situation.

While these cool money apps probably aren’t going to transform you into a millionaire overnight, they’re a great way of managing your finances on the move and make all that time spent on your smartphone… smarter.

Image credit: By Intel Free Press [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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