“Man of Steel” Tops US Box Office

“Man of Steel” Tops US Box Office
Bernadine Racoma

DC Comics’ Superman returns to the big screen with “Man of Steel.” On its first weekend it raked in $133 million putting it at number one in the box office list this month of June. This big budget movie, produced by the writer-director of “The Dark Knight” franchise, just broke the record of Toy Story 3’s $110.3 million in 2010.

Top five

“This is the End” ranks 2nd place with a total of $20.5 million on its weekend opening. This apocalyptic comedy movie boasts of a star studded cast as well. “Now You See Me” ranks at 3rd with $10.3 million, while “Fast and the Furious 6” is at 4th place with a total of $9.4 million. Ranking 5th is “The Purge” with a total of $8.2 million in weekend sales.


In the role of Superman is superhero-movie newcomer Henry Cavill. The opportunity to play the role of Superman is a huge honor, according to Henry Cavill. The British actor commented that the Man of Steel is considered to be the most admired and renowned superhero of all time and he is grateful that he was able to play the main man on his return to the big screen.
Fans are equally thrilled about the latest Superman movie as well. Compared to “Superman Returns in 2006,” audiences and fans who have seen the movie say that in terms of both drama and action sequences “Man of Steel” delivered so much more.

Making a staggering $133 million on its opening weekend, the latest Superman movie, “Man of Steel” proves its mettle and tops the U.S Box office hit this June.

Henry Cavill is no newbie when it comes to Hollywood films. He has been appearing on the big screen since his teenage years. His appearance as Theseus in “The Immortals” allowed his good looks and acting skills to get the attention he deserved, and made way for bigger projects. Cavill is the recent addition to Brit actors dominating the Hollywood superhero elite. Among his British contemporaries who played a major American superhero are Christian Bale and Andrew Garfield. Bale is famously known as The Dark Knight – Bruce Wayne while Garfield is the newest Amazing Spider-Man.

Cavill’s missed opportunities

Before this big break, Henry Cavill had a history of cutting it close. In 2004, Cavill was casted to play Superman in a movie by director McG. The project was cancelled and Brandon Routh was selected as the new Superman when it was re-cast under the direction of Bryan Singer. The movie did well in the box office. Cavill was also in line to play Cedric Digorry in the Harry Potter series but the spot was eventually given to Robert Pattinson. According to Stephanie Meyer, author of the Twilight series, Cavill was the perfect Edward however, when production began, Cavill was too old to play the now famous character that launched Robert Pattinson to global stardom.

Cavill was also a strong contender for James Bond on Casino Royale. Director Martin Campbell favored him however the producers wanted Daniel Craig since an older Bond would suit the role. In 2005, Empire magazine commented on Cavill’s streak of miss opportunities and he was even given the title “Unluckiest man in Hollywood.” Now, he is forevermore the Man of Steel, and no one can take that or his current lucky streak away from him.

Photo Credit: Henry Cavill

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